Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Nepal: The Masses have Won!

All night the Nepalese people have been celebrating and with good cause. After weeks of protest including hundreds of thousands of people and, a general strike which crippled the economy the King of Nepal has backed down and called elections. [Al Jazeera] After a year of struggle in the country of Nepal activists have reclaimed what is rightfully their's democracy. Only through mass movements of their own people could it be accomplished with all parties working as one united source for peace. In response they got tear gas, beaten by canes, thrown in jail, and shot. Despite all this instead of stopping the movement it made more people join against the tyrannical King. Like Cochabamba, Bolivia and their struggle for water democracy, the people of Nepal should be a shinging light for those in the South for the power they hold and the North for what can be done.

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