Saturday, April 22, 2006

This Week in Protests

Brisbane: Protesters tried to disrupt Prime Minister Howard at St John's Cathedral for a number of reasons on thursday. [Courier Mail]

Kings Domain: Aboriginal groups have had a standoff with the Australian government over land claims. [Herald Sun]

New South Wales: Enviromentalists picketed a gold mine for the permanent poisoning of the water supply. [ABC]

Caledonia: Standoffs between Native Americans and M16 carrying riot police have occurred as the government attempts to remove them from what they call their rightful land. Others have rallied in support. [Post 1][CBC]

Ottawa: The Ottawa Haiti Solidarity Committee demanded the resignation of Jean-Pierre Kingsley for the abuses of Elections Canada in Haiti. [Post 1]

Toronto: 500 - 600 people rallied in Queens Park on friday against the expulsion of members of the Portuguese community. [Radio-Canada]

Paris: Some students continued protests that were started under the oppressive youth job law, but most decided to return to classes. [Associated Press]

Nairobi: Over 500 people protested on friday against the murder of a 15 year old boy because, he was HIV positive. [BusinessInAfrica]

Jalandhar: Farmers Unions boycotted the markets in protest of the import of foreign wheat to the region. [Business Standard]

New Delhi: Medical students demonstrated against reservations to be past in medical colleges for students from "backwards classes". [The Hindu]

Nirsapur: Groups protested the Sardar Sarovar Dam on Narmada river as the dam will displace many people without compensation. The leader has launched a long hunger strike to bring visibility to the issue. [NDTV]

Soldiers on the Lebanon border had a one-day muntiny which required officers to chase them down in public view. [Daily Star]

Ulan Bator: Thousands of people protested the government over corruption and the use of mining by the government. [Associated Press]

Pro-democracy protests continued this week despite the curfew being reinstated and threats to be shot on site. Awful human rights violations have also continued. [Al Jazeera] (More information about protest in sidebar)

Northern Ireland
Belfast: The animal rights group Animal Rights Action Network held a march against the cruel conditions in circuses. One woman at the head of the march striped to her underwear, took off her bra, wore shackles, and walked around with painted on scars. [Belfast Telegraph]

Muzaffarabad: Survivors of last years earthquake were beaten for demanding compensation for damages. [Daily Times]

Nablus: A hundred Palestinian youth were open fire upon by Israeli soldiers, two of which were injured. [Associated Press]

United States
Atlanta: Coke's board meeting was protested wednesday for their human rights abuses in Columbia and their environmental abuses in India. [Associated Press]

Cambridge: Harvard University students rallied in support of a new policy which would include the protection of gender identity for the inclusion of Transgendered people. [Boston Globe]

Charlottesville: Despite the arrest of some members over the weekend, students of the University of Virginia continued their protest against the poor wages of the university. [CNSNews]

Chicago: Students at the University of Illinois protested the raids on illegal immigrants by the Department of Homeland Security which recently rounded up 1100 of them. [Chicago Sun-Times]

Eastborne: Students protested the closing of their high school wednesday. [Eastborne Herald]

Ogden: A motorcycle group the Patriot Group protected mourners who were having a funeral for a killed soldier in Iraq, from a group who believes the death of soldiers in Iraq is due to homosexuality in America. (Hard to believe people would actually do this I know) [Washington Times]

Tallahassee: Students performed a sit in of Governor Jeb Bush's office in response to the State's reaction towards a youth who was killed in a boot camp by the beating of guards. [Guardian]

Washington: Justice for Jude advocates marched on the federal court house to demand that the actual evidence of Frank Jude a black man who was brutally beaten by white officers. [Justice for Jude]

Washington: Tibetan, Taiwanese, Falung Gong and, pro-democracy protesters gathered in response to the visit of Chinese President Hu. They heckled him and one Falung Gong protest actually interrupted his speech by yelling until she was herded away by the Secret Service. [DOSE]

Williamsburg: A student was expelled for admitting he was gay on his myspace account. In response gay rights advocates rallied outside the school. [WKYT]

Caracas: Thousands of people protests the government's response to crime while thousands more protested in favour of the government calling for peace. [Associated Press]

Groups protested the closing of the Withybush hospital which is the only hospital in the region. [BBC]



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