Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Critque: Haiti How Canada is Lying

Yesterday during my studies and look at the media I came across two articles citing the great job Canada is doing in Haiti. One was CTV.ca the other was my Politics and Globalization textbook. Yet, what they cite is contrary to reality of the awful role we're playing.

Gov. Gen. Jean to travel to homeland of Haiti
"Preval's democratically elected predecessor and associate, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, was overthrown by rebels in 2004. The United States provided an airplane to help Aristide flee the country, but he did not get any help to regain power."
There are other parts of the article which are not true or half-true, but that paragraph is by far the worst. Now the media has come a long way as two years ago Aristide was being portrayed more like a dictator. However, it doesn't mention that the rebels were funded by the United States, Canada and, France. It also fails to mention that the coup was planned here in Ottawa called the Ottawa Initiative, which decided the fate of Haiti without the popular will of Haitians. The article also leaves out that that airplane was secured on the ground by Canadian forces and, that it was a forced leave which landed the plane in the Central African Republic, a dictatorship friedly towards France. The author also forgets that it was not that he did not get help to regain power, he was openly blocked to regain power. If you want to know about the situation either comment or read this site.

The next distortion came from my textbook Global Politics by Allen Sens and Peter Stoett on page 454. It states "...continued violence in Haiti led to the overthrow of the Aristides governments, and Canada again responded with a commitment to peace and stability efforts, largely supported by Montreal's Haitian Community." Another not true statement as Canada responded by instigating the violence and helping with the overthrow of Aristide which was not supported by Montreal's Haitian Community. In fact Montreal's Haitian community condemed the government's actions and formed a group called Haiti Action Montreal.

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