Saturday, April 15, 2006

This Week in Protests

This will be a weekly compilation, if you know of more don't hesitate to tell. Whether I agree with the protesters or not I will add it to the weekly digest.

Refugee activists have protested outside a military barracks and other parts of the country for access to detained immigration detainees.[TheAge]

Ottawa: On April 10th activists took on the governments role in Afghanistan on Parliament Hill. It was the day of a "take-note" debate in the house which did not include any votes in democratic process and any snippets of dissent were attacked as unpatriotic. The outside rally was even called in the House as a "anti-troop rally" despite chants of "Support Our Troops, Bring Them Home" being shouted and, a memorial for the Canadian soldiers and Afghan Civilians that have died. [Post]

Ottawa: Falung-Gong protesters continue their message of the brutality of the Chinese government and, the uncovered presence of a death camp where Falung-Gong prisioners are killed, their organs harvested, then they are incinerated.

Ottawa: The United Steelworkers at the Congress Centre have gone on strike for livable wages, full tips, and the dignity not to be threatend with replacement.[Post]

Ontario: Farmers have continued their protests against their dire situation. In order to get funding from the federal government they even have gone as far as interrupting food distribution in Cambridge, East-end Ottawa, and Whitby.[OSun]

In south-western Iran many citizens protested a cut off of water which as of April 13th had already lasted four days even in hospitals.[IF]

Student and Union protests have continued, but the government has caved in on the law which sparked the protests which would of let employers fire young workers for up to two years without cause.[ToI]

Pro-democracy protests have rocked the entire country. Many people have been injured or arrested, but a curfew has been lifted and the King has promised to hold elections though, this may be faulty.[Post 1][Post 2]

Gaza: Protests have occured in the occupied territories due non-payment of wages of Palestinian Authority workers including the Police force.[Forbes]

Bil'in: Demonstrators friday held a protest against the Israeli occupation wall.[ISM]

Biet Sira: Citizens of this town also held a protest against the wall.[ISM]

South Korea
Farmers protested against the eviction from their lands to expand the Camp Humphreys United States Military Base.[S&S]

United States
Some of the largest ever protests have happend around the country against immigration laws which would make the 12 million undocumented immigrants felons and, to help them even unknowingly would be a crime. There has even been talk of building a wall between the United States and Mexico.[DN!]

Crawford: Cindy Sheehan of Gold Star Families For Peace along with many supporters has returned to Crawford, Texas to set up Camp Casey 2 for the Easter weekend in protest against the Bush administrations invasions and Katrina response.[GSFFP]

Virginia: 17 students were arrested in a sit in of the University of Virginia. They were demanding living wages. Protesters outside the building have set up a tent city.[DN!]



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