Friday, April 14, 2006

Nepal: Curfew lifted, Elections Called

The Nepalese government have lifted their curfew on the country. The King also stated in an address to the Nepalese people that "It is ... our desire that with the active participation of all political parties committed to peace and democracy, a meaningful exercise in multi-party democracy be initiated through an exemplary democratic exercise," [Al Jazeera]. Yet, democrats continue to protest the government as words are not actions. There is no specific timetable for the elections and the past week has had awful abuses against demonstrators. Demonstrators and riot police have thrown rocks at each other, tear gas has been massively used, the use of beating with batons has been widespread, as well as guns some with rubber bullets others just normal bullets. With no set date for the vote and, the opposition parties finding the small overtures by the King little more then token who knows how long the widespread protests will continue.

Edit: Democracy Now! actually did a piece on the situation which can be seen here.

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