Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ottawa: Security Certificate 'Camp Hope'

On saturday night a group of activists who live in Toronto and the subsequent cities between Toronto and Ottawa arrived in Ottawa giving an end to the Freedom Caravan and a beginning to Camp Hope. The group organized by Homes Not Bombs are in Ottawa this week in protest of Security Certificates. The constitutionality of Security Certificates is being taken to the Supreme Court of Canada this week by Adil Charkaoui, Hassan Almreiat and, Mohamed Harkat. Outside of the Supreme Court Camp Hope has been set up by Homes Not Bombs, Justice for Mohamed Harkat, Justice Coalition for Adil Charkaoui, as well as NOWAR-PAIX.

The five men under Security Certificates have been held for years without fair trial. Outside of Kingston Canadian taxpayers have paid for a new facility that has been dubed by many as Guantanamo North. Adil Charkaoui was released on bail with strict conditions about two years ago, while Mohamed Harkat was also released recently on bail with strict conditions. The three remaining men in the Kingston facility Mahmoud Jaballah, Mohammad Mahjoub and Hassan Almrei have gone on hunger strike to protest their conditions.

Throughout the week in Ottawa there will be events happening as listed below. The first major event was yesterday where the group marched on the Prime Mininisters Office as well as Canadian Immigration. Today the group will be camped out on the lawn of the Supreme Court for Adil Charkaoui's challenge with banners from around the country. Then tonight the son of late Prime Minister Pierre Eliott Trudeau, Alex Trudeau will having a panel discussion with members of the Security Certificate Five's families, which is a change from the release of his new movie Secure Freedom about Security Certificates.

Tuesday, June 13. 9 am-5pm. Camp Hope Vigil and banner display Supreme Court Lawn. Support Adil Charkaoui in Court!

Tuesday, June 13 - 7 pm. - Panel discussion featuring Alex (Sacha) Trudeau, members of the Secret Trial Five families, short video screening St-Paul's University Amphitheatre, 223 Main Street.

Wednesday, June 14. 9 am-5pm. Camp Hope. Vigil and banner display Supreme Court Lawn. Support Hassan Almreiat in Court!

Thursday, June 15. 9 am-5pm Camp Hope Vigil and banner display Supreme Court Lawn. Support Mohamed Harkat in Court!

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Blogger sappho said...

I have finally gotten around to checking out your link you provided in the comments section of my site about Mr.Dawgs Blawg.
And although I dont even know you personally, I am truly proud of your intelligent, & spot-on argument w/ that homophobic, ignorant prick!
You not only stood your ground, but did so with intelligence & class.
Thank you for representing the queer community in such a way, as a lesbian myself I found the comments from that guy totally disgusting, but everything I felt like replying was already beautifully handled by you!
By the way, what is the exact address of his site, was unable to locate it. Would love to stop by & back a sister up when another homophobe spews again!

11:37 p.m.  
Blogger Jade said...

Thats his blog. Dr Dawg is pretty cool, I've found so far.

I kinda guess you might be a lesbian with a name as The Sappho Manifesto :P. I'm pansexual and, trans myself, plus when in high school I started a GSA, after high school I helped start Trans Youth Ottawa so I facilitate for that support group. Gives me enough experience to be able to deal the homophobic, biphobic and transphobic arguments.

8:49 a.m.  

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