Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ottawa: Bilderberg Site and Article Round Up

Here is a round up of sites, articles and, videos covering the Bilderbergs.

Sites: - Has live reports from Alex Jones from Ottawa
American Free Press - Has articles about the Bilderbergs - A personal site compiling data on the Bilderbergs
Center for Media and Democracy - Has a wiki on the Bilderbergs
Hour of the Time - Has some video and reports on it. One of the cohosts was on site

Undernews - "Why the media isn't reporting the Bilderberg Story"
Globe and Mail - "Secretive, powerful Bilderberg group meets near Ottawa"
Ottawa Citizen - "Ottawa to host top-secret meeting -- or maybe not"
Ottawa Citizen - "Elite firm to guard top-secret meeting in Kanata"
Ottawa Citizen - "Bilderberg-bound filmmaker held at airport"
Ottawa Citizen - "VIPs' arrivals marked by a discreet 'B'"
Ottawa Citizen - "Secretive Bilderberg over but was world domination discussed?"
Ottawa Sun - "A conspiracy with no limits"
Ottawa Sun - "Secret meetings set? Theorists insist Bilderberg here"
Ottawa Sun - "Elite are ever elusive"
BBC - " Inside the secretive Bilderberg Group"

PrisonPlanet - Alex Jones talks to Jim Tucker
History Channel - Bilderbergs Part 1, Part 2
CNN - The Bilderberg Group 2005
Google Video - Bilderberg 2005 meeting exclusive footage

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