Sunday, June 04, 2006

Ontario: Freedom Caravan begins

In Toronto yesterday a group of human rights activists started the treck to Ottawa. The group in taking a week to get to Ottawa stopping at every town along the way gaining people. They are calling themselves the Freedom Caravan who are on the way to Camp Hope. Camp Hope will be formed on the lawn of the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa. They will be camped out on the lawn for a week in protest of Security Certificates.

A week of activities are being planned and many other soldarity protests are being held around the country for the 13th of June. From the 13th to the 15th three of the Security Certificate detainees Adil Charkaoui, Hassan Almrei and, Mohamed Harkat will be challenging the constitutionality of their Security Certificates. Though other cities will be holding vigils on the 13th, in Ottawa there will be the film screening of Secure Freedom a documentary on Security Certificates made by Alexandre Trudeau the son of late Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

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