Monday, June 12, 2006

Ottawa: Bilderberg Conclusion

Well some of the most powerful people on earth, came and went from Ottawa with nothing happening. They met in private to discuss the future of international foreign policy. The interest for demostrations against them was dismal and didn't really happen, the media coverage was not very good, and the entire weekend left me with a bad taste.

Though there was coverage of the conference by media, there was only local and independant reporting. None of the national networks really touched on the issue. Neither or had articles on it other then a short article in the CBC ottawa section. Any other meeting of such high level people would be covered properly with news trucks and television coverage on site. The only mainstream sources that showed up that I'm aware of was Ottawa Sun and Ottawa Citizen reporters for short periods of time. However, if you want some unfiltered videos of outside the conference Hour of the Time has some.

The list of people who attended was released however, as Infowars was able to get a leaked document. I am surprised not to see Conrad Black on the list however, as he was spotted in town. I am also suprised not to see Stephen Harper on the list as, Harper was at the 2003 Bilderberg Conference and the conference happens to have been held in Ottawa the year of his election. People on the list I'm not surprised to see however, are the Bilderberg Regulars David Rockefellar, Queen Beatrix, Henry Kissinger and, Richard Pearle.

Below are a few more pictures from outside the Hotel on Friday:

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Blogger betmo said...

america does not have a free press anymore. i don't believe anyone here even knows about bilderberg. cbs did a piece a few years ago and that was it. my personal opinion is that this group is working towards the 'new world order' that bush 1 talked about in the late 80's. i think that they are out to create a western dominated bloc with the rest of the world enslaved by low paying jobs, etc. the people on the atendee's list cover all of the major segments- education, energy/oil, military, media, etc. it feels like things here in america are already in motion to that end. rumsfeld is also a multi attendee. cheney went inn 2003. lots of powerful people making global policy and in charge of the world's money.

10:25 p.m.  
Blogger Jade said...

Well I'd less say that you don't have a free press and, more say that media conglomeration has led to the extreme narrowing of perspectives and interests.

That they are working for a "New World Order" is pretty obvious I think. I mean the group was originally formed in order to have stable world against the Soviets, now that the Soviets are gone its just them and their One World. I doubt the majority of them see themselves like enslavers however, execept for certain ones like Pearle and Kissinger. Some probably think they are doing the best thing for the world. I mean many of the European Bilderbergs support Kyoto and opposed the invasion of Iraq. The invasion of Iraq was a major are of division within the Bilderbergs however, all are motivated by power. Not that I'm saying the European Bilderbergs are neccesarily good, they just had different motives.

10:38 p.m.  

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