Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Ottawa: Bilderbergs Arrive Tomorrow

The highly secret organization of powerful people known as the Bilderberg group are set to arrive in Ottawa tomorrow. They will be meeting until Saturday at the Brookstreet Resort though, the hotel denies any mention of the Bilderbergs they do have the hotel fully booked for that period of time. The group has in the past tried to avoid attention as much as possible which has sparked many conspiracy theories about them. They say the privacy associated with the meeting agenda is so that participants are allowed to speak freely. But, due to the lack of transparency from representatives of democratic countries many people have taken issue with them. Even the BBC called the Bilderberg group "The ultimate conspiracy theory."

The Bilderberg group was started not long after World War Two in 1954. The group name comes from the original meeting location at the Hotel de Bilderberg in the Netherlands. The group only allows around a hundred people each year to attend by invite only. All members come from either North American, Europe or, Israel no other members of foreign governments have been allowed to attend. The stated purpose for it's creation was to strengthen ties between Europe and North American in opposition to the growing Soviet power. The Soviet union dissolved, but the Bilderbergs did not. They have continued to work as a group and, to talk about current foreign policy issues. Which specific issues have been talked about due to the secrecy is unable to say for sure. However, according to a Bilderberg researcher and a accredited journalist Jim Tucker that Iraq was a issue of debate a few years ago and, there was a diversion between the group on what to do, but the mainland European Bilderbergs were able to convinced others to stall the invasion by a few years.

According to the American Free Press the major topics at the meeting this year will be oil, Venezuela and, Iran. Venezuela and their President Hugo Chavez has been an issue of contention for Bilderbergs. Venezuela has large reserves of oil, which under Chavez have been used for the funding of other Latin American countries as well as social programs in Venezuela. Chavez suffered a coup d'etat in 2002 funded by Americans and wealth Venezuelan business owners, but he was quickly restored to power due to public support. Chavez has also created a new trading alliance with Cuba and Bolivia which has effectively ruined hopes of an FTAA. Chavez along with Iran have also threatened to switch trading in oil from US dollars to Euros. Such, a move could devastate the US economy. Iran of course also has major oil reserves and there is some evidence that military operations are already underway.

Another issue will be the Bilderberg's new important member Stephen Harper. Stephen Harper was seen at the 2003 Bilderberg meeting, but has since become Prime Minister and wields more power then before. The meeting has only twice before been held in Canada Toronto in 1996 and, Montebello in 1983. The meeting being held in Ottawa, the year of Prime Minister Harper's election may be more important then it seems.

Some previous members of the Bilderberg group has included David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, John Edwards, John Kerry, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Dick Cheney, Chuck Hagel, Conrad Black, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, Tony Blair, Angela Merkel, Romano Prodi, Pascal Lamy, Natan Sharansky, CEOs, and many more influential people. Some people will be blockading the hotel this weekend, but with little notice and strict security the scene will not be easy. The Bilderbergs are overwhelmingly powerful and, their secrecy only leaves things less democratic.

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