Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Challenge

I am giving everyone a challenge. I have felt a lot of angst lately over the society we all live in. We live in a system of inequality, and injustice. We allow our government to commit acts of terror around the world as well as towards our Native peoples. Everywhere one goes one can see injustice. The system works upon the fundamental suffering of others. The main targets being the people of the South, people of colour, the poor, and of course patriarchy still dominates the world and opresses womyn everywhere. We live in a world where freedom, liberty, and equality are propogated, but we and the other people of the world do not have these. These fundaments of any conception of humanity and dignity of the human spirit are systematically abused by the many states of the world. The challenge I give to everyone is to challenge this system. Taking an escape from physical comfort to experience a spiritual comfort of knowing your challenging injustice. Every generation states impeed on the freedom of their citizens and of others. In response to this, every generation must confront the impediment of freedom. Will you accept my challenge? Will you strive to act?


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