Saturday, April 08, 2006

Debate on Afghanistan

On monday finally there will be a debate about Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan. There will be no vote on Afghanistan of course, but this is a step. Would an actual vote on this issue bring about change? Both the Conservatives and Liberals support the mission and together hold a majority. In contrast to the Canadian people whom a Strategic Council report in February stated that Upwards of 62% of Canadians opposed the occupation.

Here are the top ten unreported facts on Afghanistan by the media from Global Research.
Brief Overview:
FACT #1: Jean Chretien & Canadian Corporations Involved in Trans-Afghan Pipeline
FACT #2: Gordon O'Connor, Defence Minister, Is Former Military Lobbyist
FACT #3: Current Afghan Parliament Includes Warlords and Drug Lords
FACT #4: Afghan Warlords Considered Bigger Threat Than Taliban
FACT #5: Afghan Women Face Repression Despite Removal Of Taliban
FACT #6: Elected Afghan Woman Faces Death Threats For Speaking Out
FACT #7: Since the U.S.-led War, Afghanistan Is Increasingly Hooked on Heroin
FACT #8: U.S. And Coalition Forces Using Excessive Force & Arbitrary Detention
FACT #9: Canada Complicit In Violation of Human Rights For 'War On Terror'
FACT #10: U.S. Finds More Oil and Gas Reserves After 4-Year Search

Due to these reasons a protest will happen outside.
Date: Monday April 10th
Time: 6pm
Where: Parliament Hill
What: Speakers and a following candle light vigil

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