Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ottawa: Farmers Do Feed Cities

For once I actually agree on an issue with Stephen Harper. In recent statements he adressed that farmers have been neglected and should be cared for. In this I agree, the plight of farmers around the world including in Canada is desperate. There is too much food in the world which supresses prices. This is why farmers are highly susceptable to using crops or products which may be detrimental in the long run including genetically modified organisms and harmful pesticides.

Canadian farmers yesterday protested that extreme inequality using the slogan "Farmers Feed Cities". $6.1 Billion is being asked for by the farmers, but time will tell if they get nearly that much or if it will even make an impact. The farmers have even threatend to interrupt food shipments to cities. Some may think that this is only hurting their cause, but with the net income of farmers at below zero it is no wonder that they may take such measures.

Farmers should be supported, but merely giving them money won't solve the problem, its only treating the symptoms. The free trade policies as well as the consumerifiying of farmers by big business is the root of the problem. Food is a necessity of life and farmers are the producers of that. They should be respected.

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