Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Winnipeg: Exercise Charging Bison

In Winnipeg, shots are being fired, pyrotechnics are going off, and the Canadian military has its boots on the ground. There is no crisis. No enemy to detain. The city is not under martial law, but Canadian soliders are undering training in real sections of the city. This all started on sunday and will continue until this saturday under the title of Exercise Charging Bison. The mission is said to train soldiers for the conditions of urban warfare. The guns are loaded with blanks and pyrotechnics take the place of real explosions. About 500 soldiers are patrolling part of the city in order to "develop independence of thought and action at the lowest group level, while reinforcing individual soldier skills within the context of a Full Spectrum Operations environment" according the army website. There is no affirmation that these soldiers will be going to Afghanistan because, they are only set to deploy overseas in 2008.

I find this worrisome. Though, it does make sense to train soldiers in urban
combat due to the change in military operations from the army ahead of you to being in the middle of possible friendlies with a enemy here and there, I still find it troubling. If the army wishes to train like that they should have their own facility not on Canadian streets. The result is a desensitization of the public towards the military. Living in Ottawa and going downtown on a regular basis I often see members of the armed forces in uniform however, they are not there to police the people of Ottawa. Instead they are there simply coming to and from work. To see soldiers patrolling the streets with armoured vehicles and weapons only makes it seem more normal. I do not under any circumstances become patrolled by the military.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The left wing. What's with you guys? Why are you all such a huge bunch of pussies? You're just as bad as the right. Protesting meat, globalization, government, any social institution with the power to legislate.

What's even worse is that for those of us who have a mixture of socially liberal and economically conservative viewpoints (some might generalise this as libertarian, which is semi-semi-accurate), you create such a polarized environment that our viewpoints get grouped in with yours.

So please, do everyone a favour, and shut the fuck up. Nobody cares about your patchouli-smoking, birkenstock wearing, adbusters-reading sense of activist outrage. Do youself a service and read a few history books - ever heard of the Weather Underground? Activism in the 70's? Take a look at where those people are now. They run the corporations that they once despised. You're no different. On behalf of all rational individuals, from the bottom of my heart: fuck you.

3:42 p.m.  
Blogger Jade said...

Wow you obviously are the one in need with reality. People do care about me as many people do read my blog. Also, I read many history books, more so then you I'd imagine.

And with polarization, those who come out screaming without rational debate are polarizing. I have on many occassions talked out against polarization in fact. I belive that anyone who is rational can get things done together. I don't care whether someone is any political framework, as long as I can have distingushed and rational talks with them.

Also, I have nothing against social institutions. I in fact think they are extremely important. I don't think anarchism is right in any respect. I am a fan of democracy through and through.

If I am the scared and irrational one, why are you the anonymous individual taking random stereotypes that you believe are true and are swearing. If you want to be in the section of rational individuals, appologize and actually debate my points. That is rational.

3:57 p.m.  

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