Thursday, May 11, 2006

Slam Poem: A Culture of Fear

Were indoctrinated to fear
All that is around us
To live fear
To breath fear
To produce more fear
And with this fear
Were supposed to hide away
To drink, do drugs
To buy, to acquire
To watch sports, and go to the theatre
Wait.. scratch that last one they're too Leftist and Queer
Watch TV
Because TV lets you fill your mind
With screaming commentators
Giving no context
And what they call reality.
See when I say hide
I don't mean from the malls
Because that would be
Letting the terrorists win.
No you need to hide from truth
Because truth is like a disease
It needs to be quarentined
Hidden away in some room
Where the policy makers
Choose their lies
That are propagated by the media
Who tell us about anthrax from Arabs
Gun violence by Goths
And Breaking and entering by Blacks
And after a while I just
Don't know who to trust
Trust? Who is to trust
Everyone is a suspect...
And if your Middle Eastern
My heart goes out to you
Because your a suspect times two
9/11 caused this
Reinvigorated racism
Like a new midwife entered the room
She nursed racism back to health
But gave him a new favourite enemy
And his godfather in the White House
Gave him a few more acts to play with
And called it patriotism and homeland security
But whats even more frightening is that
They were mimicked around the world
All Because of 9/11
We must not dissent from authority
To be a patriot
We must fear
Whatever is near
Whether that be avian flu,
WMDs, terrorism
You know what to do
Yet... 9/11 and this "new normalcy"
Just don't add up
I ask why building 7 perfectly fell at 5pm
I ask why the twin towers suddenly fell
When they were made to sustain a plane crash
Or that the firefighters said they had it under control
Before they suddenly crumbbled
I know fires hot enough to melt steel produce white smoke
Yet they came down and thousands of people lost their lives
Just as it was used as an excuse to kill thousands more
I'm also not supposed to know
That Al Qaeda is a CIA creation
I'm only supposed to know their lies
And to consume... consume... consume..
In a culture of fear.
By: Aurora Jade Pichette



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