Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Poem: In the Den

[I'm going to Toronto for the weekend for a political conference so no updates, but here is this before I go]

My sleep is haunted by the thunder
The crackle and wail of the gunfire
Leaving my brethren in a funeral spire
While the armies rape and plunder
My mind goes a sunder

I wonder why they come to leave death
As if to be able to tell a terrible tale
Even the thought of it leaves me pale
When is my turn to loose my breath
Or will I go as Macbeth

The end is near I feel it still
The step of the boot the click of the gun
Yet I fear there was nowhere to run
In this case I can only will
That they loose their drive to kill...

By: Aurora Jade Pichette
For all the civilians who are murdered on a daily basis in war.



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Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings has competition.

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