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Opinion: Israel-Palestine Conflict

I'm a bit behind in work, but I will be updating soon once I get things back in gear. In the meantime I would like some feedback on my blog which can be seen in the poll in the sidebar. Here is something I wrote a few months ago which was inspired by watching a Noam Chomsky v. Alan Dershowitz debate.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the most important issues within our time. I have thought a lot about the issue even with my separation from it. I am not Jewish, nor Muslim. I have in me no Arab blood, nor have any relatives that are Jewish or Palestinian, yet I feel that the issue must be talked about. It must be talked about as in my opinion it epitomizes one of the worst forms of modern imperialism.

Many people I know may have strong feelings on the issue and, I sincerely ask for comments and personal critique on the issue. There are both Palestinians and Jews who read this, some of whose views on the subject I actually don't know. In an issue as important as this civility leads to reason.

To many people it may not be much of a surprise that I stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people. In my view there was no right for the formation of Israel after World War 2. It was mainly created for a way to deal with a people who had been just brutalized yet, just resulted in brutalizing another. The allies of World War 2 as winners of the war have been able to make themselves look as though they had done no wrong. Yet during the war they as well committed atrocities --–not as many of course-- and before the war racist animosity against Jews in many countries existed as well. The dispatch of the Jews to Palestine would make them a new great ally and, would try to heal the pain of the Holocaust -- which many people forget to mention included Queers, Blacks, the disabled, and political prisoners.

An ally in the middle east would help with the domination of Arabs that had started after the Sykes-Picot Agreement after WWI. It would also help with the continued control of the vital oil deposits in the region, most importantly Iraq, Iran, Kuwait and, Saudi Arabia. These oil deposits were first controlled by British Petroleum however, the British Empire was at the end of its power as its old colony and new ally gained power. American oil interests in the region peaked leading to wanted economic and political control of the region, thus America wanted to keep Israel as an extremely powerful player in the area.

Israel since that period after WWII gained rapid power and brought down terrible pain upon the Palestinian people. The United States has used their economic, military, and political power to help Israel's government to stay in power and, to hamper the peace process. As Noam Chomsky points out in the first Intifada Palestinians were killed 20:1 as well as tortured and, brutalized and, that it was only recently when the numbers were closer to 3:1 did people start paying attention, but they were watching the 1 not the 3. Despite the suicide bombings Palestinians have suffered much greater from terrorism then the Israelis.

I went to a high school with a high Jewish population,– approximately 40%. Yet, none of the ones that I met were for Arab-Jewish collaboration. In fact I had many people perplexed as to why I didn't agree with Israel. It is due to the imperialism and blatant state terrorism that I don't support Israel. However, Israel is a reality. A reality that needs to be worked with. Hopefully a two state solution that give Palestinians actual and free access to the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Israel must give up its apartheid. In the words of the South African struggle Amandla Aweightu which in Zulu means power to the people. Power to the Palestinian and Israeli people so that they may both live together in peace.

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Blogger Luke said...

Excellent post, I agree basically 100%. Both sides need to change their ways because neither is helping the situation. I agree that Israel does have an apartheid against Palestinians however Palestinians need to stop bombing and for Hamas stop calling for the end of Israel because it won't happen and only gives the Israelis a reason ton continue their discrimination.

1:02 a.m.  
Blogger Jade said...

Thank you. I actually wrote this before the ill health of Sharon and the election of Hamas. So, there are obviously new factors in play. I agree both sides need to cease though, the Israelis have more on them because, they have control of their military in contrast to the Palestians who don't and have many more casulties. Last month Hamas actually stated that they would be willing to look into recognizing Israel if they receeded to the 1967 borders according to Al Jazeera.

1:21 a.m.  
Anonymous Corinne Allan said...

Well done, Jade! The topic of Israel/Palestine is a touchy one in Ottawa. Most of our peace marches refer to it only obliquely by adding an "s" to the word "occupation".
I hope you will be able to attend Abdulhadi Hantash's lecture tomorrow, May 8, at 7pm at the Ottawa Public Library, to hear first hand about the situation in Hebron in the West Bank.
Let me also suggest - in case you are not already aware of it - the website which contains a link to IMOPA in Montreal where one can read about all things related to Palestine.

You are doing important work on your blog!

8:31 p.m.  
Blogger Jade said...

Yeah, the issue of Palestine is something that is not broached very much in Ottawa. I mainly think its because, unlike the US in the past we haven't been taking stances against the Palestians. However, with recent events of siding with the US and Israel in the UN as well as the cut off of aid to the PA that may be important to change.

Also, I'll actually be in class for the talk. I lament that I'm going to miss it, but on the plus my prof is Michel Chossudovsky. And, thank you for the website

1:50 a.m.  
Anonymous Adam said...

If the British were really trying to screw the Arabs, why did they give 85% of what was originally Palestine to them, including ALL the oil reserves? Granted there was a stormy relationship with Britian and the Arabs, and there was a sympathy for the Jewish desire for a homeland, much of which was bought and paid for by donations to jewish charity in the name of PALESTINE bonds. But it was the Arabs who, when offered by the UN the choice of ANOTHER state alongside Israel (the first being TransJordan), turned it down flat with the idea of sweeping the Jews into the sea and taking over the entire area (something they constantly accuse Israel of plotting except no Israeli leader has ever said such a thing). In contrast, the Arab world and other Muslim supporters have made no secret of their goal of the death of Israel; Iran's leader being a more widely publicised example. Israel, even during wartime, is a better place for many Arabs to live than the surrounding Muslim dictatorships, one community in the west bank even petitioning the Israeli government to be included on the Israeli side of the fence as it would be safer than being among their Palestinian neighbors.

6:56 p.m.  
Blogger Jade said...

The crimes other other governments, is no excuse for Israeli Apartheid. There were Jews living peacefully with Arabs there before the Israeli state violently pushed its way in. The fact is this is a mainly one sided conflict. Those with power who take over others land are in the wrong. Israel annexes land that is not theirs and, kills large amounts of Palestinians in comparison to the other way around. Plus there are certainly groups that call for the extinction of all Arabs so to put up the groups on the other side is unfair.

7:09 p.m.  
Blogger Ahalm said...

I agree with what you are saying, but the part where one of the comments up there states that Palestinians should stop suicide bombing. Okay...then how is Palestine supposed to defend it's self? I'm not saying that suicide bombing is good...I think they should use other techniques , but I personally think that Palestinians should at least have the right to defend their land.

7:15 p.m.  
Anonymous fiona said...

Nice Post. I found it useful~ I'm from China. Every day there is news relating to P & I. The suicide bomb is making me feeling sick. I feel sorry for the Arabs and confused why neither of the each sides couldn't just budge a liiiiiiiiiiiittle. Peace should have been far important than "Piece" of land. Why they just fail to realize that...

12:00 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The existence of the Zionist entity in the heart of the Arab-Muslim is in itself a strange Because the Zionist entity is not shared with the Arab world, anything that characteristics such as religion, customs Traditions and language. The existence of Israel within the Arab world is a big mistake, and constant tension In the Middle East also note since 1948. Such as the entry of foreign objects inside the human body begins Body fever, tension and fatigue and to ensure even go out foreign objects. To all Arab and Islamic countries to form the Ministry of Defence and one common to all States and the expulsion of the Jews From the Middle East. This is the best choice for Arabs and Jews in that one because the Jewish people will never feel the stability and comfort, but if Came out of Palestine, all Palestine greetings to all

7:58 a.m.  

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