Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ottawa: Prof. Denis Rancourt Banned from Own Trial

Last week Science Professor Denis Rancourt the author of U of O watch and founder of uOttawa Cinema Academia was put on trial within the university, but the Professor, Media and students were barred from entry. The basis of the trial was to suspend Prof. Rancourt due to his use of images from the University of Ottawa site on the blog U of O watch. The University regulation states that:
The University of Ottawa has a stated policy of allowing professors to use its copyrighted images from its web site “for the positive promotion of activities related to the University of Ottawa.” (See Legal Counsel’s letter to Denis Rancourt dated August 28, 2007.)
The argument is that the blog is not positive towards the University. The blog exposes corruption in the University and, is entirely factual. Below is a video of the argument and Prof. Rancourt being locked out of the discussion.

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