Sunday, September 07, 2008

Canada: Canadians going to the Polls Oct 14th

It seems Canadians will be going back to the federal polls on October 14th for another election. To many of us this is not at all a surprise. I started to see a new wave of political advertisements and in my district the Conservatives were already building their campaign office as early as at least 10 days ago.

Unfortunately due to apathy and none of the parties truly being innovative or standing out we will probably wind up with another minority government with the seats shifted slightly. The Conservatives according to polls are doing the best currently, but with many Canadians distrustful of their social policies as well as economic it is unlikely they will get a majority. The Liberals are still a fractured party with a leader who does not capture the majority of Canadians. The NDP will probably stay relatively where they are. A major fight will be for the Greens who now have their first member of parliament and are trying to get Elizabeth May included in the leaders debates.

So, Canadians here we go again. Will anything be accomplished by these elections? This independent doubts it.

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