Monday, July 10, 2006

Ottawa: Dead Soldier wanted home

According to the CBC the 17th Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan wanted to come home. Cpl. Anthony Boneca was killed Sunday west of Kandahar. Kandahar is currently occupied by international forces under Canadian leadership. The mainstream news has said that it is a hotbead for Taliban resistence, but the numbers do not add up and the possibility of resistence simply due to outside occupation is not even mentioned.

The family of the recently killed soldier is calling for the troops to come home. Cpl. Boneca "...felt he had been misled by the military."[1] Stephen Harper stated that, "... On behalf of Canadians, I praise Corporal Boneca's courage and self-sacrifice and I take comfort knowing that his memory will live on in the spirit of fellow CF soldiers serving around the world, and in the hearts of his countrymen who pray for their safe return. ... As a country we stand proudly behind you."[2] On the contrary Mr. Harper you obviously do not support them. Maybe you stand behind them with a gun in their back making them doing what more do not want to then we know. If you support the troops bring them home from the war.

As the war rages on more military families will courageously speak out against this war. This is not the first family to speak out however, dissent against the war is not popular in the media despite about half of Canadians who oppose it. It is up to everyone to speak out against this war for those who cannot.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Maybe you stand behind them with a gun in their back making them doing what more do not want to then we know. If you support the troops bring them home from the war"

1) this doesnt make any sense
2) its circular reasoning..."u obviously dont support them" - "if u support them, bring them home"?? what are u saying?
3) "occupation" refers to invasion and subjucation by use of force. Canadians did not invade afghanistan bc they were welcomed and praised by the Karzai government. choose a more accurate, less biased word and maybe ill consider supporting ur propaganda

7:40 p.m.  
Blogger Jade said...

On the contrary this was an occupation. Because, the Karzai government supports them being there has no stock as the country was invaded in 2001 by military force then the Karai government was set up. Regardless the Karzai government has little power out of Kabul and is corrupt. So, we have a military invasion of 2001 coupled with the continued military control by foreign powers. Therefore the use of the word occupation is fitting.

To compare new Iraqi governments have called for the US to stay does that means Iraqis want them there? No. Also, when the puppet governments actually stand up and state they want a timetable they are not listened to.

That statement makes complete sense people like Cpl. Boneca do not want to be in Afghanistan. They feel lied to about why they are there. Understandable considering the amount of people dying in Afghanistan is actually fairly high. Things like house raids are common and even at times raids of mosques which are suppossed to be sacred space. If Stephen Harper supported the troops he wouldn't use mere buzzwords and would instead bring the troops home from this immoral war.

This war is about money plain and simple. Both oil pipelines and the heroin trade are big business. Not to mention the geopolitics of Afghanistan.

8:06 p.m.  
Blogger DJN said...

The Karzai government was installed by the US and allies in December 2001 in the Bonn Agreement. Only three years later was he elected after getting a US stamp-of-approval. The election itself was marred by numerous incidents of intimidation against candidates running against him. Following his election, Karzai installed major warlords, like Dostum and others, in key cabinet positions. Hardly democratic.

And for the record Canadian troops were in Afghanistan before the fall of the Taliban, notably JTF-2. So how could they not be invading while being welcomed by a Karzai who was not even the leader at the time.

It is one thing to argue that foreign troops are needed to "help" Afghans (something I totally disagree with), but it's another to base an argument on a complete misunderstanding of the historical record and timeline.

And on a sidenote, why do those who post dissenting opinions always do it anonymously? Scared?

10:26 p.m.  
Blogger Joshua Kubinec said...

There are a lot of interesting events surrounding the cover up job that the Department of Defence did after the CBC started reporting that Boneca wanted to come home.

His father was pushed on TV and read a statement which was basically denouncing the idea that his son believed the war was wrong and he wanted to come home or something along those lines. I forget the exact details, it was a while ago that this came out.

If you do a bit more digging though, you'll be able to see what I mean. Something fishy was going on between the military and his father.

7:38 p.m.  

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