Monday, July 03, 2006

Tibet: Completion of Colonization Railway

The Occupation of Tibet is an issue that has existed for over five decades. Unlike the occupations of Vietnam, Palestine, and now Afghanistan and Iraq, Tibet has been put on the backburner in the West due to the occupation being by a foreign power. Due to the nature of the Tibetan landscape however, actual colonization and extraction of resources has been difficult for the Chinese government. Of course the military control of Tibet is a very different issue. Since the invasion there has been absolutely brutal military rule where even taking part of a peaceful demonstration results in arrest and torture.

The Chinese control over Tibet has not been weakening over the past few years, instead its been getting stronger. A major anchor of that occupation was finished Saturday the highest railway in the world going to Lhasa Tibet's capital. This railway will make it much easier for the Chinese to take natural resources from Tibet as well as to colonize Tibet. The finishing of the railway sparked protests in London as well as the unveiling of a banner that said "China's Tibet Railway: Designed to Destroy" in Beijing. The Beijing protest was by three western activists Katie Mallin, 34 from the UK, Omi Hodwitz, 29 from Canada and, Cathy Ni Keefe, 36 from the USA. They were quickly detained by Chinese police after unfurling the banner.

For more information about the occupation of Tibet visit:
Free Tibet Campaign
Students For a Free Tibet
GNN Movie - Tibet: Faith in Exile

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