Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ottawa: Pride Never Dies

Today Queer Action met for the first time to create a radical community queer pride. There will be a week of events including workshops, movie nights, socials, queer readings, and club nights. The events will span from August 19th to August 27th. All events are non-corporate and grassroots, drawing on local community organizations and small queer businesses.

However, the Ottawa-Gatineau Pride Committee due to a $20,000 loan from Capital Xtra will be running some type of Pride. Most likely it will be much smaller and will include a parade and a pay outdoor festival. Queer Action will not directly shun the Pride Committee, but will provide many other choices to participate in outside of the Pride Committee actions. It is important not to divide oppressed communities, but it is important to make your community what you wish it to be.

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