Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mexico: Trotsky's Remains Stolen?

I am curious as to the validity of a news story being disseminated by Anarchist groups. A anarchist group in Mexico has claimed to have stolen the ashes of Leon Trotsky, one of the main leaders of the Russian Revolution and prominent contributor to Marxist theory. He was critiqued by contemporaries for harming people especially by anarchist and feminist Emma Goldman. To complicate matters more, the anarchist group, have claimed to have made his ashes into cookies and have sent those cookies to groups that follow Trotsky and some other anarchist groups. Whether this is true or not I frankly have no idea, but a very interesting story whether true or false. If you have any information as to the validity or lack of please comment.

Here is the broadcast by the anarchists which is circling:

"Eighty eight years of the day Trotsky directed the suppression of the anarchist uprising in Krondstadt, a group of bandits scaled the walls of his former house in Mexico City during the late hours at night. We broke the lock on his mausoleum and we expropriate the content inside it: a silver large vase that bears the inscription of his name, wrapped in the red scarf that he carried around the neck, containing the ashes of the corpse inside. We replace with care the lock in the monument with a reproduction that was similar in the appearance and escaped into the night.

The vase along with its content then was taken far away to a place where the vase was discarded and the content (a combination of ash and bone) were baked in cookies. These cookies then were sent, along with a letter that explains our actions, to newspapers, to organizations of Trotskyists, and to the groups of anarchist around the world.

While we will not repeat everything of our full letter, briefly we propose to give new light to the idea that history does not end with the past and still a small group of bandits can give new direction to fights thought long to be frozen in the time. We want to expand the fight to include dead objects of the past that hold hostage us in the present.

Nevertheless, if Trotsky is right about the history, we do not determine anything, but we are only characters whose actions were written in the revolution of October. As was his destiny, coincidentally, to come to be a cookie.

The ones that receive these cookies have a decision. Through time, the act to consume enemies have been seen as a way to absorb their powers. On the other hand, consuming the body and the blood of the dead person as a sacrament have also been a form of worship. We would want to indicate that, at any rate, the result is always shit.

For those a little delicate, we have tried them, and although they be a little sandy, they are delicious. The green dots, by the way, they are just candies."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope it's true. I would totally eat the cookie. Trotsky was a despotic authoritarian. Nom nom nom...mmm.

5:26 a.m.  

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