Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ottawa: Dyke March on its way

Ottawa's Third Annual Dyke March is well on its way. The collective has been working hard to bring the best grassroots Dyke Day events that this city has ever seen. The group is bringing four events all accessible, and by donation.

Dyke March is a tradition first brought into place in San Francisco in 1992 as a way to give Queer Womyn a way to step out and speak out about oppression. Being under a patriarchal, homophobic, and heterosexist society Queer Womyn face oppression on many fronts. Early Dyke Marches were mainly acting as a protest, but now its more of a way of Queer Womyn affirming their right to be on the street and safe. Many Dyke Marches now are also intregal parts of Pride Weeks around the world.

The Ottawa Dyke March started in 2003 acts as a way to bring light to Queer Womyn and Trans-People of all types. It also acts as a completely grassroots, accessible, non-discriminatory safe space for Queer Womyn and Trans-People. Last year Dyke March Ottawa decided to start to honour one group per year for the work they've done in the community. This year the honoured group is AGITATE Ottawa the Queer Womyn of Colour Collective.

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