Sunday, February 24, 2008

Opinion: Marginalized Groups Against Each Other

It seems that the largest problem standing in the way of true freedom today is a combination of apathy and, opposition. Every day it seems that one oppressed group is being pitted against one another. Instead of communities that should be exploding you have communities imploding. Groups fighting each other as if it is life or death or worse turning the struggles into life or death. We loose sight that the same powers that be are usually the ones oppressing all of us. Instead we see the other oppressed group as a threat to their own freedom and so oppress them more.

It saddens me to see Queer groups being pitted against racial or religious groups. Religion becomes a profane word for Queers and is made into something evil to be defended against. Then just harder we see the opposite happen, fear of Queers used as a political tool to distract the masses and win elections. It saddens me to see poor whites being pitted against immigrants as if they are some awful invasion force stealing the jobs and education poor whites deserve. When in reality its the large corporations outsourcing jobs and the education is failing due to the government.

Liberation movements seem coopted to oppress others as if there is only so much liberation to go around. A major example is the 2nd wave feminist movement which was discriminatory against people of colour, lesbians and, trans people. Movements today have been pushed by others and seem less so, but so is the amount of people willing to participate feeling so much apathy. Instead you see rights movements waning in strength (except I would say for the anti-globalization movement) and marginalized peoples being politically used against each other. It is a unfortunate state of affairs in my mind and the greatest political tool for keeping the people in line for them to think that their greatest threat to their freedom is the person down the street.

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Blogger Raw Knee said...

An excellent observation.

What can be done to make the public aware of their oppressors (themselves and eachother)? How can we constructively bring about change?

I can't help but worry that this state is not going to change peacefully.

8:44 a.m.  
Blogger Jade said...

Well in terms of the first question I would say that we work within our communities and the groups we are part of and actively make links with diverse groups and actively support each other in our issues and causes.

I think to constructively to bring about change one needs to act. Not think about acting, read to become informed or, read about how to act. Those these things can help doing real action is what changes things.

4:16 p.m.  

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